Harvey and Carol Spears

  • Harvey and Carol Spears are parts of Campus Crusade for Christ
  • Using the internet they are now able to expose people to the gospel in ‘closed’ countries and to help disciple them.
  • The Internet is also proving important to reach people in ‘open’ countries as well. The anonymity provided by the Internet makes people more willing to come to Campus Crusade sites and ask the real questions on their hearts.
  • They are also able to put up sites that relate the gospel to real world events such as great tragedies.
  • Harvey and Carol uses their technical skills to help make Campus Crusade for Christ more effective in ministry by using the Internet.
  • Harvey and Carol have also been involved in the Jesus Film Project which provides Bibles, JESUS videos and JESUS audiotapes to traveling individuals in Europe

Current needs:
None known at this time

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