Bob and Cathy Owen

  • Bob and Cathy live and work among the poor and poorly educated in Honduras
  • They live in the town of La Esperanza meaning “The Hope.” However, the town is known for its idolatry and alcoholism
  • The most important part of their work is friendship evangelism. This involves getting to know their neighbors so that they can share Christ in the context of a developed relationship
  • Bob and Kathy served for seven years at Escuela El Sembrador until they moved in 1997 to La Esperanza, where they serve in personal evangelism and area church development.
  • Bob and Kathy serve in the following:
  • Teaching Bible Studies
  • Teaching Bible in a private non-Christian bilingual school
  • Teaching Bible to the students in the neighborhood public school
  • Forming an organized congregation in 2003 called More than Conquerors that emphasized serving and discipleship

Current needs:
None known at this time

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Question: Who focuses their ministry of making neighbors into friends? The Owens focus primarily on friendship evangelism. As they sit at their tables sharing the Bible and a cup of coffee or hot nutmeg milk, God does His work through the power of His Word and people’s lives are transformed.