Larry and Angie Overholt
  • The Overholts have been serving in Honduras since 1982
  • They spent 17 years at Escuela El Sembrador, a farm school for underprivileged Honduran boys
  • In 2000 they joined the Choluteca ministry team which was initiated in 1999 in response to the great need that occurred after Hurricane Mitch
  • The Choluteca ministry involves facilitating community transformation with the regional ministry in Choluteca. We emphasize reaching out through church planting, evangelism, healthcare, recreation, economic development, and education. 
  • Larry is involved in:

  • Helping local entrepreneurs develop small businesses including baking and auto mechanics
  • Providing education
  • Helping establish new congregations
  • Supporting these new local congregations through preaching, teaching, and discipleship ministries
  • Directing the regional vocational school

  • Angie serves by:
  • Ministering to the children in the different local congregations by teaching Sunday School, leading children’s services, and conducting special events
  • Opening a community clinic
  • Working with a local medical doctor
  • Serving as hostess for medical teams that come to minister on the field

Current Needs
  • We need sponsors for the school who will partner with us financially over the next three years. 
  • Our auto mechanics instructor is expecting to come to the States this summer to promote the ministry of the school. At the same time he will visit vocational educational institutions which will broaden his vision for vocational education. 
  • We are developing plans to set up production facilities for the school. We are building a service center for the auto mechanics department. The sewing students will be involved in producing polo shirts. 

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How can sewing transform lives for families living in poverty? Angie and Larry Overholt teach individuals about sewing, including teaching women to smock so that they can make a viable income. 

What do a taxi driver, a baker, a farmer and an auto mechanic have in common? Larry Overholt has helped individuals starts small businesses in all these areas.