Debbie and David Hawk

  • David and Debbie Hawk have been missionaries since 1991serving first on the Texas Mexican border, then in Honduras and currently in El Salvador
  • They are working to develop disciples and plant churches in eastern El Salvador.
  • They also have plans for a medical clinic and bilingual school
  • They recently celebrated the third year of their church in Jucuapa
  • The focus of the work in El Salvador is to work in communities in a wholistic manner, helping people realize the potential God has for them. This is done by helping communities identify their needs and helping them find the resources to meet those needs. Our desire is to strengthen the churches that exist and establish new churches where there are none.
  • David is involved by:

  • Being WGM’s field director for El Salvador
  • Handling administrative tasked
  • Planting Churches
  • Disciplining new believers
  • Debbie is a certified teacher. She is involved in:

  • Teaching children in Sunday school
  • Being on the praise team
  • Teaching baking classes for women
  • Participating in church ministries in the field
  • Their ministry also involves
    • Working with youth
    • Administrating at a school and health facility
Current Needs:
None known at this time

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Question: Where can you find a missionary child now teaching missionary children? Debbie 
Hawk In 1996, She and her husband were transferred to El Sembrador (a boarding school for underprivileged youth) in Honduras. She served as the director and teacher at El Sembrador Academy, a school for missionary kids. Being a missionary kid gaveher a unique perspective.