The Enright Flight Ministries

  • John and Kendra Enright have been working as missionaries in Africa since 1973. They taught at a secondary school in Botswana then went to Congo then Zaire.
  • As the child of missionaries, John moved to the Congo when he was 6 months old. He grew up speaking several of the tribal languages and with an understanding of African culture.
  • Their activities have included evangelism, church construction, pilot for the Wings of the Morning Flight Ministry, teaching at the Kafakumba Pastors' School, and economic development.
  • Kendra was involved in setting up and running a central pharmacy for the 40 United Methodist clinics in their conference.
  • John has been involved in development projects, working in partnership with Zambians in the areas of woodworking, agriculture, and business.
  • Their ministries encompass

  • Kafakumba Pastor’s School Congo and Zambia
  • Zambian Agricultural Ventures
  • Dru’s Kids
  • God’s Kids Club
  • Swahili Egermeier’s Bible Story Book
  • Swahili Memorial
  • John and Kendra Enright established the Kafakumba Training Center in 1998. In addition to a conference center where they hold a pastors’ school for three months each year, they have started a wood shop, several agricultural projects, and other economic development ventures to help improve the lives of the local people

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