If I Come

What should I wear? In our service you will be comfortable in any attire from casual to suits and ties.

What will the service be like?
Welcome & Announcements
Chiming of the Hour
Lighting of the Candles
Opening Prayer
Songs of Worship & Praise
Affirmation of Faith
Morning Prayer
The Lord's Prayer
Offertory Hymn
Offertory Prayer
(4 yr-2nd grade go to Children's Church)
Closing Hymn

How long does the service last? About an hour.

Are children welcome in the service? Absolutely. For children under age 4 you may, however, wish to consider our well equipped and staffed nursery. Children ages 4 through 2nd grade will be invited to attend Children's Church after the morning anthem.

Will I be asked to give money? Please know that our interest is in you personally, and not your money. You will never be personally asked to give. Since we do believe that giving is an essential part of the worship of God, however, a free-will offering is received at each service.

Will I be singled out as a visitor and asked to stand? Never! You will receive a warm welcome from our greeters at the doors and our members in the pews.

What if Holy Communion is served? Everyone who worships at Fort Valley United Methodist Church is invited to receive communion with us.

What if I want to become a member? The United Methodist Church receives persons into membership through one of three ways: confession of faith in Jesus Christ, transfer of membership from another United Methodist Church, transfer of membership from another Christian Denomination.